Pine Nuts Properties @ Gorno Altai

The Siberian Cedar also known in the West as the Siberian pine is one-off the most beautiful and majestic trees said to have healing properties. The Russian name “Sibirsky kedr” is often mis-translated in English as “Siberian cedar” usually refers to this pine and not to cedars.

Cedar wood excretes phytoncids, which destroy disease-inducing micro-organisms and serve to purify the air with healing and healthful properties. Cedar nuts of the cedar tree take two years to mature during which time the tree is said to accumulate positive cosmic energy claimed by the writings of “ringing Cedars.”

Ringing Cedars:

While I am not sure about that, I do believe in the homeopathic properties of trees in general and especially those ancient trees deep in the forests of Japan.

Hinoki Properties:


Siberian pine in the family Pinaceae is a species of pine tree that occurs in Siberia and is treated as a variety or subspecies of the similar Swiss pine. But Swiss pine is used to a very small extent in comparison.


I adore the pine nuts from Altai region and there is nothing quite like fresh nuts. They are just amazing after you peel off the dark shell and you find a white pine nut, rich in oils and the taste is intense. These do not compare to anything you’ll find in the west.