Award Winning Larry @ UxBridge

Bravo Larry, just incredible !!! The pumpkin and squash seeds are now 10th generation of the originals that were planted initially in 2005.

Bravo Larry’s berries take first price but unfortunately the photograph is after three days on display. The annual event puts the spotlight on Uxbridge’s thriving agricultural community by showcasing farmers and merchants who showcase their locally grown, biological materials and products.

I can’t help to admire those people who take the initiative to dedicate their precious time to the magics of mother nature. We live in a world where most fruits and vegetables travel half way across the globe, they are sprayed with pesticides, treated and preserved, or gassed to ripen.

If I am jealous of anything, I am jealous of those amateur or professional farmers who can produce this level of quality. The dedication speaks for itself because these days produce is just a commodity, and is similar to a portable phone – except in these types of cases. There is no way to compare the taste of a store-bought raspberries, onions, squash or bulbs of garlic to this level of unencumbered home-grown organic vegetables and fruits.

I cringe at the idea of using mass-produced products, and once you taste this kind of raw material, you become frustrated by the masses of produce that consumers all sold all over the globe. Its simple, “junk never gets better.”