Grillson BBQ

So you buy a BBQ and you get excited and if you own a Grillson you have a good reason. The Grillson is impressive even though I am not totally competent with it just yet. The design is excellent and the engineering impressive.

The model I purchased is the very basic and since it has been improved, so I am sure some of the flaws were likely worked out; such as the topside of the hood runs very hot and you can get a nice burn. The cover for the pellets is not easy to place but you get used to it. Otherwise its simple to use.

The combustion is impressive and generates wood gas under pressure, so the flame is intense and burns very fast and very hot taking less than 15+ minutes to reach 400C degrees. I haven’t tried to smoke with it but I will.

I fired for a second time last night with a very significant world-class chef – whom I admire. I am still experimenting with it but no doubt this grill is price worthy.


1. Pellet funnel: the pellets are refilled by gravity.
2. The firebed of wood pellets produces wood gas.
3. A grill rost holds the firebed.
4. The main nozzle produces an air current that aspirates the wood gas and burns it.
5. Fire radiates from the burner to the diffusor.
6. The diffusor produces radiation and convection heat in the grill area.
7. Radiation heat is delivered from the diffusor directly to the grill area.
8. Convection heat circulates in the grill area.
8. The grill grate is heated up in an indirect and even way.
9. The subshell: fat and other residues drain off on the inclined surface.
10. The fat collection basin is a removable drawer that you can easily empty.
11. Two meat thermometers help you obtain perfect grill results.
12. Wi-Fi: Bob connects with your smart phone via the local Wi-Fi network. Your smart phone can
control all the basic grill functions.