$4 Billion Later @ Macau – video

It’s a Chinese paradise made up of fluffy stuff wherever you look. The food scene is unique and so is the Wynn Palace, an amazing Casino resort in Macau. I am not sure, do I get used to the spitting, or flip-flops at the gaming tables but then again I was a guest.

We tried the signature Chinese restaurant and it was a nice change to Siberian cuisine. The most memorable dish was fried rice combined with rice popped adding a texture and crunch.


So Macau is a place where everything goes, almost everything. Despite the crack down by Beijing officials, Macau is trying to thrive from with-under the iron fist. Steve Wynn has just completed a magnificent casino resort (4.9$ Billion) with the state of the art in-room features and views over the new MGM and their featured fountain show.

The eight-acre performance lake and fountain show is using 1.200 water jets shooting eight million gallons of water into the air.


The lobby is clad with a flower sculpture musical carousel that turns including a fantasy of mixed animals is a little weird – I really couldn’t quite get it except it entertained the guests. The sculptures are designed by renowned floral designer Preston Bailey and play a major role throughout the resort. The Carousel and the other a Ferris Wheel were fabricated from more than 100,000 real flowers all moving in sync as people crowd for a photograph. M


Tasting Macao beer, I hadn’t tried before and I was pleasantly surprised, it’s perfect for the local cuisine, which seemed more glitzy and ritzy than anything else. The dumplings topped with gold befits the atmosphere of casino life. The Wing Lei Bar features an 18-century crystal chandelier valued at more than USD $25 million so I was told.


If you live nearby and need a weekend get-a-way – you won’t be disappointed by the luxury offered and try your hand at black-jack.