Macelleria Cordero Fassone

You might get bored by eating raw beef unless you are in piedmont where beef is something you can eat everyday. This beef is unique in colour and taste, and is in no way comparable to any other beef on planet Earth. It is as lean as chicken but as tasty as any beef you’ll find.


The beef has no blood, no animal taste or sinew that would make it unpleasant. I consider fassone to be similar to the experience of eating raw fish, (sashimi) because the purity is similar. The neutrality of the meat and delicate taste acts as an excellent background to shaved white truffles but I also enjoy it on its own as long as they don’t mush the meat too much. Below it was perfect and hand cut, the way it should be:


No doubt some virgin olive oil, celery, salt and lots of white truffles will leave you in food heaven for a few days.

51, Piazza S. Bernardino – 12043 Canale (CN)
T. 0173 979171