Spelt Chewing Bread @ Viva Mayr |Bread Steak|

Spelt chewing bread is the primary principle at Viva Mayr clinic in Austria. Those who need to learn how to chew are given the spread one to 2 times per day. It’s basically your meal so you have to treat in a way where you can optimize experience or you’ll feel like a prisoner on bread and water. I’ve learned that the best way to treat the chewing bread is to douse it with linseed oil and some pumpkin oil, then use some salt and treat it as if it’s a steak.


Mayr devotees believe that disease starts in the gut by a backlog of toxins. Digest better, the theory goes, and you’ll reduce intestinal inflammation and make your body more alkaline. It’s important to slow down while eating: not only will you digest better but you’ll get fuller faster. Fifty full chews is proper chewing and “chewing training” with spelt bread will automatically help you eat less, and that’s if you chew very well.


My view is chewing is where it’s at, but when you pick up a piece of bread you always bite more off then you really need. That’s when the knife and fork come in handy, and if you find the bread a little hard the oil will soften it and make it glow. The oil is allowed and it helps the experience as does some mineral salt supplied by the owners own salt mine. There’s nothing like a bread steak at Viva Mayr. But don’t forget to rest your knife and Fork otherwise it goes very quickly and you may starve 🙂