Leeks Easy Does It…

You see leeks nicely coloured and you wonder why and don’t think twice. Leeks one of those vegetables that you sometimes wonder how to treat them. In many cases in Europe and America you’ll find potato leek soup, and that’s a mouth full. I prefer to treat leeks as an edible onion and I suggest serving them both raw and cooked, but not boiled. So take the leeks and give them some colour and once cooked use some shoyu and aged mirin to sweeten them but not too much. You can add some chili peppers or persimmon and have a wonderful cooked leek to accompany meats, or poultry or whatever.


For raw, take a leek and cut off a 2-3 cm length and open it in the center to remove the yellow-green sprouting part. Then take the cut leek and open it face down and cut it length wise like allumettes fries but as thin as possible. Then place them into ice-cold water and you have a mild tasting leek that can be eaten raw, in a salad or on its own.