CD36 Chutoro

The perfect cut, squeeze and twist and turn by a sushi chef is in part what makes raw fish lovers tangle themselves in a sushi web. Seeking the Japanese experience, I know many die-hard fans who devourer raw fish at high-end Japanese restaurants in search of fulfilling their dreams, their minds and bellies. The middle part the second brain is connected to the dream weaver and weaving truth from fiction is commonplace – ignorance is bliss.


So now take the middle cut from any “hon maguro” can be oily, often too oily or heavy in taste and is not what you are looking for optimally.

It’s those very moments when fatty tuna spoils peoples minds especially when they become hooked on the fat. Many sushi amateurs adore sushi because of the fat. But there is a big difference between fat and fat, the oily fattiness of many frozen tunas get confused by the millions of kilos sold around the globe.

I always think about people who thrive on sushi’s otoro or chutoro, impressed by the mouth links of fat molecules such as most amateurs travelling to Japan in search of a sushi fix. But what is it that make us feel so connected to fat ? Yes its a protein called CD36 and without it we would be eating the bark off of most trees and enjoying it more.