Kue Fish @ Miyazaki Japan

This idea of origin is becoming more and more popular. The fisherman is Mr. Iwagiri living Nobeka city, Miyazaki prefecture and he fished it naturally long line. His ship’s name is Dai Juhachi Engyo Maru- Number 18 and he guarantees the quality. It is air lifted to Tokyo via the Haneda market and is a prized and rare Kelp Grouper named “fish phantom.”

This fish is called “Kue” in Kanto, however Kyushu people call it “Ara”. It has a soft and full white meat as well as rich collagen around the thickened skin. There is no part to be thrown away, even stomach and gills, and you can enjoy light fat meat. It is also cultivated in Nagasaki and Wakayama.

The best season for Kue is winter when the Kyushu sumo tournament is being held and Sumo wrestlers enjoy “Kue Nabe” cooked in a pot at the table and enjoyed together.

Kue grows slowly and it cannot reach a weight of 2 kg after 3 years and Kue is said to live up to 50 years and is valued based on size and weight.

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