Last Sushi 2016 @ Mr. T

Photographing sushi is difficult especially when the over head white light casts hot spots. But this is my last sushi for 2016 and thank you Mr. T – it was a great year in retrospect. Plenty of exciting fish over and over again and think about that idea. I am an avid sushi admirer and for various reasons, and one in particular. I adore the craft, the expertise and suppleness of a sushi chef. The single most important tool he has is his hands. That blows my mind – think about that!…hand food in 2016.

The single most important ingredient in sushi is the balance between rice and fish. Many bloggers and followers ask why I post the same fish over and over again. The answer is simple: no two fish are the same.

I can see the quality by looking at the fish and I was trained over 30 years ago by my sensei to “eat with my eyes.” It is true I can see the quality by looking at the flesh, but I am not the only one. Any experienced taster develops patterns, and can “see the taste” in advance of touching the food. This has to do with visual identification and I find it easy to taste without a single bite. That isn’t so special – its only practice so enjoy 🙂


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