Curry Tar Beef Recipe – video

Making curry is pretty easy if you keep it simple. Take some Japanese wagyu and get ready for a small journey that takes a few hours of slow simmering to stew the meat to perfection. Now with Japanese meat the stewing time is much less given the beef has plenty of fat veins and it softens very quickly.

img_6461 img_6459

But in order to give the meat some individual character you must stain it with colour and not just heat. I use three basic ingredients; shoyu, red wine and mirin and each for a different reason. But when I cook curry I don’t use wine as the french do. When preparing a wine based meat stew, I prefer to reduce the red wine to get it inky, and then I add some turmeric, or other indian spices and then the meat gets swirled around and infused with flavours.

I do the adding in stages as my wife comments on my technique noticing I altered it. Her observations are correct, as I add some pepper crushed and some fresh garlic and ginger shredded over my metal oroshigane nd it helps me get the texture I need: .

It is the best tool in my kitchen and is very useful for ginger and other fibrous vegetables. Then the final touches for any curry to colour it is….tomato. Tomorrow I will add some photos of the beef once I cut it and serve it over white rice. Oh I almost forgot the onion I cooked to add to the curry stew – see it below.

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