Wagyu @ Home Tokyo

I don’t really have a butcher in Tokyo that I can rely on, and sadly for many meat lovers who visit Japan they rely on high-end beef restaurants to catch a glimpse of the real deal. In fact most of high-end beef goes to Korean restaurants given the fact they buy all parts of the cow.

I have various sources I use to purvey meat, but in most cases it’s difficult to find a consistent supply of tenderloin. There’s plenty of strip-loin and other cuts fatty available, but my preference is lean.

This is a good example of 412grams I purchased to cook for a small group of friends visiting from the Philippines, and it was superb quality.

I simply vacuumed it while it was cold, submerged it into a water bath at 57.5°C for 60 minutes. When I took it out of the bath, I opened it, and air dry the beef (absorbing its juices) until it was ready to be pan seared.


This searing is very easy to do – you simply use a slight amount of olive oil, some shoyu and Japanese mirin and finish it (after cooking) with some spices and paprika. Never add spice during the searing or you risk burning the spices and bitter notes arrive unexpectedly.


The end result is perfection and evenly cooked from top to bottom – good luck.