Bulgari Luca Fantin Style – video

I remind readers, I am not a food critic and I try to share some experiences of restaurants I enjoy or chef’s we appreciate. No doubt we have admiration for Luca canton and his new book is awesome: http://www.assouline.com/bulgari-cucina-luca-fantin.html


Golden Murano glass hangs 10 metres above, the Bulgari in Tokyo is one of those gastronomical experiences you need to try. It’s not “she-she” as we say, but its more down to earth and real. The menu is inventive and has the right touch of a culinary inspiration, a combination of two important culinary cultures, Japan and Italy.


A simple salad and amuse bouche that are imaginative yet they respect the integrity of the raw materials in a way that makes good sense. The carrot, a Japanese carrot that’s a winter carrot “under the snow” is steamed and glazed with a sweetness and soft crunch – it’s a “wow factor” given you least expect it.


The Arctoscopus Japonicus a white fish native to the Okhotsk Sea is served sashimi style with a fermented pink beet juice – it was seamless.


The main course was Hokkaido vension served with a jus reduction that was delicious, delicate and served Luca Fantin style. It’s always a pleasure to visit Bulgari and ending any meal with Bulgari chocolates is something I never get tired of: https://mesubim.com/2016/02/17/bulgari-chocolate-video/


Thank you chef!

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