Tsukiji Top Picks Sushi

The day begins at dawn, a chef awakens at to a quick tea, each and every day Monday through to Friday to sushi chefs get ready for their own journey to the Tsukiji. As it stands the journey is still not a big deal but once the fish market moves it will become a longer bike ride.

Tsukiji sits on some of the most valuable real estate in Tokyo and the fish market will be moved permanently to reclaimed land on Tokyo Bay. The 2020 Olympics are nearing as the city is preparing, and the Tsujiki to move before then. This doesn’t change much as chefs will adjust to the changes without a blink, if the opening isn’t more delayed by environmental issues.

Tokyo’s governor Koike san put the relocation plan for the wholesale food market on hold after being told that the pollution control measures promised to the public over a decade ago had been skipped and that the former gas plant site was spread with carcinogens. Illegal amounts of toxic chemicals crop up regularly in environmental tests, including benzene concentrations up to 100 times the safety limit in March and April.

Yuriko Koike Tokyo’s governor has decided to relocate the famous Tsukiji fish market to the Toyosu waterfront district after additional safety measures are taken to ease pollution concerns. They will proceed to protect the basements at Toyosu’s main fish market facilities by special sheets and concrete, and that ventilation fans be installed to prevent toxic substances in the soil from contaminating the buildings and air.

The chef’s way of life stays the same and the government will try to take those measures required but we will need to wait and see. This of course doesn’t stop the millions of sushi fans travelling to Japan, or for the locals from consuming and rating the best sushi in Japan.

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