Assa Valley Almaty Kazakistan

Looking at green horizons of Assa Valley and its stunning pristine vineyards near Almaty, tales of Queen Tomyris, nomads, Silk Road and its caravans, transporting amphorae of wine from Greece. The Karakemer village in Assa Valley, southeastern part of modern Kazakhstan has been known for its wine making since antique times, and in mid 20th century an amphora containing wine sediment was found right there, at a Scythian barrow, surrounded by old Arba vineyards.

Located at 1000m above the sea level, naturally created by mountains, hot summers, cool nights and the rich soil. August and September in Assa Valley are usually hot and dry, minimising  the chances of fruit being damaged by rains. Harvesting usually starts quite early, on the last 10 days of August to be completed in mid October and is conducted manually.

Most importantly the Arba maintain low yields to ensure the quality of their grapes, and this white wine was served blind and is a perfect example of quality Kazakistan wines. A nice surprise of chardonnay notes, with a long and intense lingering rich fruit.

(93 Points)