Lavaux Wine Region

Lavaux is a predominately a white wine region made up of 21 locals and 4,013 hectares of vineyards growing chasselas, a grape variety also known under hundreds of synonyms.

What is true about Lavaux wines is the more predominant wine producers have given this region a mediocre reputation by selling cheap white wines. Mostly sold in screw-cap, which at the time was considered as cheap as it gets, it is now fashionable, yet many use corks. Now a days when you scratch the surface you begin to see the quality of the local wines, and how well they food pair.

The character of the wines are a signature of the vineyards situated on the northern shores of Lake Geneva where the sun shines hot or it rains, a kind of hit and miss that makes viticulture a challenge.

It is still true that for many Swiss these white wines are over shadowed by other Swiss wine regions such as Ticino where the sexy red merlots are produced. Sadly wines here are overlooked for those fruit driven foreign Chardonnays that are much less interesting and mineral. But few match the steely white wines in Lavaux produced from the Chasselas grapes.

So if the wine doesn’t interest you, this wine region will tantalize you occupying one of those unique Swiss settings looking across the lake to France. What a magnificent position above the famous wine villages of Saint-Saphorin and Dezaley, where some vineyards have a gradient of almost 45°. The centuries-old viticultural history here earned Lavaux’s vineyards the status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.