Villa Abbazia 2017 Tiramisu

The tiramisu, a coffee soaked biscuit with a creamy mascarpone has been bastardized all over the globe and perhaps more than any other Italian dessert. I start to think about it more after I ask the owner for some recipe tips, and he whispers its secret.

But all joking aside, the key to a successful tiramisu is two things: the cream density and the cafe infused biscuit and in finding the balance we find the perfect Tiramisu. Made with four simple ingredients: Savoiardi lady fingers, egg, mascarpone, cocoa, and coffee.

However the secret could lie in part with the coffee used, and here they use the classical Moka coffee maker:

The typical Moka coffee is extracted at relatively low pressures of 1-2 bar, while standards for espresso coffee specify a pressure of 9 bar. Therefore, moka coffee is not considered to be a true espresso and has different flavor characteristics.

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