Barbacarlo 2015

Interesting to taste, Barbacarlo is produced in a well-defined hill called “Barbacarlo”. Grapes of Croatina, Uva Rara and Vespolina are blended in traditional proportion. The ground is tufoso and impervious, with an exposure to the south-west that allows it to receive the sun all day. The workings in the vineyard are still carried out manually and herbicides or chemicals of all kinds are not used.

Production is limited and varies from year to year, but generally it is quantitatively scarce. The harvest is carried out with a careful selection of the bunches. In the cellar the grapes are crushed and fermented with maceration in old oak barrels.

The racking takes place after about 7-8 days and then periodic decantings are carried out for natural decantation. In April and May the wine is bottled and the new bottles are left horizontal 40 rounds, then vertically straightened and sent for sale after 4 months. The Barbacarlo being completely natural and not worked, presents the so-called bottom for this is advised not to shake the bottle before uncorking and drinking it.

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