Italian Truffles Forever

Have you ever smelled a real truffle just taken out of the ground? Truffles are one of those incredible beasts living under ground, a wild treat but such a feat. So why do we love truffles and why do we pay so much to eat a gram. It’s simple; a truffle pheromones is stronger than smell of Bentley leather? I read this on the internet in researching leathery aromas and thought it could have been me:

I stopped at an Audi-Nissan dealership, locked myself in a Nissan, and sat there. I could smell leather if I pressed my nose against the seatback, but I couldn’t really put my finger on what else I was smelling. Plastic maybe? Armor All? A couple of salesmen tapped politely on my window, but I shook my head.

Richard Charlesworth, director of special customer commissions and heritage for the Bentley Motor Company assures me Bentley’s quality-control guys are clinically anal. Virtually all the materials used in the interiors of its automobiles are natural. Leather comes exclusively from Scandinavian cows because they don’t use barbed wire there (cattle are gently corralled with hedges and wood fences) and the temperature is too cool for those nasty warble flies that bore holes into a cow’s hide. source internet

If only this was true about truffles but don’t be fooled by truffle oil or butter, some claim its home-made and sometimes it is, but why take the chance.

PS: it’s a great truffle season so far….

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