Persimmon Kaki

I cannot think of any fruit in Japan that is as regal, not even the Musk Melons. Did you know a number of non-persimmon species of the genus are grown for ebony timber? But did you know was eating persimmon? And did you know early in the 14th Century, Marco Polo reported the Chinese traded in persimmons? In China this fruit is used to regulate Chi, and in Japan, it is a symbol of triumph.

But for me it symbolizes the dignity of mother nature, it migrates from a white gelatinous looking flower, and ends up vibrant orange, finding its way getting dried out:

And often to eat them raw, you need to wait until the fruit ripens completely to be jelly soft and the astringency is naturally gone. Non-astringent persimmon, which is native to Japan, is a mutation of the astringent type.