Paccheri Pasta @ La Capinera

Its your first time in Sicily and you wonder why is the food so mediocre, or you just think its fantastic! Today we met an English couple who swore to us how good the food was at our hotel, and I thought to myself OMG, this is as bad as it gets!

So, we ventured out to a one star Michelin, a chef who is well-known in Taormina named Pietro d’Agostino the owner of La Capinera, a quaint restaurant overlooking the sea with a terrace, and a train that swishes by every few minutes, a commuter train I suppose. The chef suggsted we throw our son onto the tracks, kind of bad joke after we commented on the frequency of the train noise.

The chef produces one of the best breads we tasted in sicily – generously he offered 5kg to take away and I’ll test it in the coming days.



I hate to say this but Sicily has few very good simple restaurants, and chefs are trying too hard. Chef d”agostino should try and focus more on simplicity, and less of attemoting to create a myriad of flavours.

Surprisingly it has excellent good raw materials, but if you are searching a gastronomical experience I cannot think this is the place. But on the other hand, the sweets are another matter and here comes the tradition and culture of Sicily:

I still remind myself of my last summary on Sicily and if you stay in the north you miss the struggle of man and administration, the land and sea, villages and tradition of a land and you’ll misss the true Sicily:

I wonder how to best approach this part of Italy and when I compare it to Naples, it seems so poor.

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