Mesubim Test Kitchen – Hot Section

The design of any new kitchen begins with a design based on the challenge of designing a hot section in a private home. In the drawing you can see starting from the far left;

The place for my oven, beside the oven is a plancha and at the right left of the plancha is a controller to control the heated drawers under the oven and the plancha top.

To the right of the plancha is a stand for the salamander and directly below is 2 sous vides with water circulating baths.

To the right is the double gas and immediately to the right is a spoon depression, behind is a water column with a fixed holder for the “Bamix” or another emulsification tool.

To the right is double induction 10kw multi-zone and next is a large sink. The area right of the sink is my Chinese wok with a rectangular heated water bath and water supply. The hot water is critical for wok cooking due to the high temperatures.

Below from left to right; two heated drawers, beside is for GN trays for the oven (not shown) and the rest are drawers and doors for plates and pot, pans and lids, including storage for high pots. The wok has a knee control for the fire power to the wok.


The oven is convotherm, it was delivered to Marrone to be tested on the counter to make sure it was fitted correctly:

The plancha is similar to a solid top but is a stainless steel plaque polished and is controlled by the digital controller to the left:

The controller is excellent and easy to use to set the desired temperature:

My salamander is compact and it is an important tool for cooking, a tool we use more than often but the size is perfect:

I have a dual water circulating bath integrated into the counter and they are marvellous:

I have two professional heavy-duty gas which I use less and less unless I am burning skin or making certain preparations, it is equipped with running water to prevent scorching:

The water dispenser and tower with bamix is perfect and I use it often:

The spoon depression where I maintain spoons during cooking – it is perfect;

The best professional 10kw induction, I cannot live without it:

The sink is very handy and I couldn’t do without it;

The wok, what can you say about a home wok with a knee operated control and the area has hot water bath for wok cleaning and cooking;