Curry Holes @ Tartufo

Worms he shouted, and in dismay I took his hand and guided him through it. It can happen that any truffle can have worms and just think about it. Truffles are living underground, I explained to my guests as I shaved the truffle over some local handmade Thai curry. The idea of truffle and Thai curry was something I considered as a good idea but I am not sure about it.

So if you look carefully and you see multiple microscopic holes in any truffle it means the worms are burrowing their way through the truffle and eating their own habitat.

I had no choice but to discard this truffle, the aromas dissipate very quickly via the worm’s channels. Ah, it can happen as mother nature tells us a different story every time. So a physical inspection of any truffle is necessary, and don’t be ashamed to say no to white truffles when they either are uneven in color, or are odor less or tasteless.