Truffle Tools

People ask so how do I slice my truffle? The answer is simple, and one friend tried a Robbe & Berking truffle slicer, but no success. Sometimes simple things are complicated by humans, so let me explain: the object is to create and optimize taste through cutting and this all boils down to Haldane:

So step back for a minute and consider these tools to cut a truffle:

Microplane – excellent yet most consider it inappropriate yet it has some positives and negatives. The negative is it bunches up when it microplanes and is difficult to spread over the surface of the food, but the flavour is awesome and lots of aromas.

Knife – if you can cut it length ways of otherwise it is fantastic to spread and the appearance is perfect. You get much more truffle when you use a knife just bt the virtue of long slices instead on a single flat cut from a mandolin.

Mandolin – classical and considered the best. I use a simple type and the wood version is my favorite.