Slayer Coffee Pumps Ahoy!

So, here I am faced with having to change my pump in my Slayer and I am far from a technician and when in doubt call one, but if you live in a city where technicians are far and few between, do it yourself.

Finding a video to help you uninstall a pump and re-install a new one needs some searching but Slayer group has most instructional videos, so it is easy to do. If you face removing and replacing a pump, the first thing is shut off the water, and the video doesn’t tell you, but use teflon tape on the flow valves to secure the water tight. The water in-let has a gasket so it isn’t required but the other two valves need some tape.

There are several elements to consider:

-The plate that protects the electronics
-The water inlet valve
-The pump’s inlet and outlets valves
-Pump connection to the chassis
-Electrical connections

It is very easy once you remove the rear panel and always make sure the power is off. Then remove and disconnect the three valves and then remove the protector plate and install and place it all together and you are back in business. If you are hesitant don’t be, it is very easy and not as technical as it seems. Pay attention to the fact the connections are tight and you should use a second grip to secure the connection of the outlet copper pipe to the boiler as it is easy to move and damage.

What I found amazing was looking into the Slayer the machine is very beautiful inside the guts.

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