Genetic Fruity Fruits

What can you say about Thai fruits? They are amazing, the variety and the textures and exotic tastes. I had a chance at 04h00am to visit the local market somehow waking up that early isn’t the right way to start the day is it? It is just too early, yet to see the market it means being there early. The one thing I can avoid is seeing the early morning butchers in open air markets with flies swarming and their faces looking pained by their own work. The hygiene is scary but perhaps by it helps build the immune system, but who cares and who wants to eat it. Standards in the west, we have the highest and does it really matter at the end of the day. We poison ourselves with clean butchers and glorious shops like Harrods and the likes of the food halls for the rich and famous. I wonder if hygiene is what matters most, or is it the chemicals and flyless meats that are pumped up with steroids and chemicals? I am not so sure the flies are such a big deal, after all it’s what we are used to and how are immune system manages bacteria.

The darkness, Thai aromas of Phuket town’s market are sometimes just too much, fermenting foods swarm the air, the shrimp paste and the other fishy swirls catch your attention. You cannot avoid it unless you stay outside and wander in the open air. Most of the markets aren’t totally covered and so whether you like it or not, the shrimpy wet paste hits you straight on. Is it worth it, and yes it is, something I wouldn’t miss because you see raw and real fruits and not those hideous fruits sold in the United Kingdom or in the USA. It is sad how fruits are homogenized and many are hybrids to protect farmers from crops and economic losses. It is ad we do not know the difference between a real fruit and genetic modified fruit anymore.