Kitchen Anatomy

To understand Mesubim’s kitchen Anatomy better, Joshua Latner designed and developed a professionally equipped chef space in Mykonos Greece on the shores of Cycladic seascapes. This is a place where professional chefs and friends are invited to enjoy the seascapes to cook sharing ideas and food techniques.


I remember when I was sitting with Ferran Adria (El Bulli) in his kitchen in Rosas, I asked him about his molecular culinary breakthrough and he said, “this isn’t something new”. I wasn’t sure if he was being modest, and later I began to understand that he was more interested in changing the way we think in the kitchen and the way we eat.

Ferran’s motto was based on developing knowledge + order = maximum efficiency, and I believe knowledge + process = order and help define hierarchy. Many people are confused between personal preferences and ignore the importance of systems-hierarchy, the same often happens in kitchen design. So I started to think about how I could design a home culinary system, something universal, and hence the C|3000 was born from the design and development of the anatomy of a kitchen.