Saltwater Potato & Oil

Before I arrived at Viva Mayr I was told about the salty water drink, something I personally still dislike, and weighed whether or not it is healthy, or just agitates your gut.

We all know salt played an important role in the recorded history of the world. The search for pure salt engaged humanity for millennia and influenced history in profound ways. It’s preservative property allowed the storage of food before refrigeration and had a momentous effect on history enabling the transition from a hunter-gatherer to a settled lifestyle and established salt as a major economic commodity.

Ancient Chinese texts describe two different methods to extract salt more than 2000 years ago, mention 40 different types of salt, and describe its uses in food preservation. The ancient Egyptians used it in mummification and preservation of food. Salt taxes were an important source of revenue for the ancient Chinese governments and later many other governments around the world.

Roman soldiers were issued their monthly pay as salt money, Latin salarium. In ancient Libya it was traded for equal weight of gold. Salt was taxed ruthlessly, the French salt tax, gabelle, may have incited the French revolution. It led to wars among nations, influenced the establishment of trade routes, such as the ancient Roman via salaria, which are the precursors of some of the modern highways in today’s Italy.

Many cities with salt mines derived their names from salt, for example, Salzburg, Hallstatt, Tuzla, and so on. Gandhi’s 1930 Salt March in defiance of the British Salt Act was a pivotal moment in the Indian independence movement that ended the British rule in India. Thus, the recorded history documents that humans knew and valued, even revered salt, attaching sacred attributes to it for nearly 5000 years, because it was needed to preserve food, was extremely scarce, highly coveted, but out of the reach of ordinary people until recently. The cheap purified table salt is a very recent and in many ways an unfortunate addition to the human diet. It became widely available for less than two centuries only after modern geology helped identify abundant salt mines throughout the world and after it became possible to produce large quantities efficiently with the aid of modern technology. (source internet)

Viva Mayr is a place to heal, rest and rejuvenate and it all happens with the basic potato, Corthinian potatoes are golden, the taste and quality superb and add. some linseed oil to give you a dose of Linolenic acid, one of the important omega-3 fatty acids. This doesn’t get better, and clean food promotes good actions in your gut and body. So, I almost forgot about the salty water (Wolfie) and so does salty water work, oh yes it does. I guess and this is just a non-educated guess but salty water is a natural way to cleanse and you shouldn’t overdo it.

And there is a reason we call it “the salt of the earth”, and while that isn’t enough proof of much, salt water can offer some considerable benefits for your skin, mouth, and body in general. With that said, it’s probably important to know what salt water can and can’t do.

Saltwater is mainly composed of sodium and chloride, and sodium in salt water is an essential mineral. It helps regulate fluid balance and is required for muscle and nerve functions, and the body also uses sodium to control blood pressure and blood volume. As for the gut, it is another matter, and no doubt it acts as a cleanse so gently and slowly, but do not over do it.


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