Della Poste 2019 – Video

A return to the majestic Della Poste a favorite of ours in (Albaretto-land) Monforte d’Alba, located on the roadside it is easy to find and the access to the restaurant is simplified by the location. Believe me, driving at night within the foggy roads of Piedmonte can be tricky unless you know your way around, and using GPS is helpful, yet not always connectable.

Arriving in the reception you pass by the kitchen, I see chef Gianfranco Massolino the Trattoria’s owner, he proves he can cook some of the region’s best dishes.

Tonight rabbit was superb, the classical Carne Crudo as expected, truffles a top, and the pied de resistance, the onion stuffed and covered in cheese is sublime, so what can you say except perfecto!


Ristorante Trattoria della Posta
Località Sant’Anna 87, 12065 Monforte d’Alba, Italy
T +39.0173.78120