Beef, Hail, Water & Rain – videos

There is beef and there is beef and each of us who travel to Spain have experienced the incredible subtleties of aged beef. This trip I was with a close friend, my meat partner, he can devour a steak as quickly as I can. There we are, in the village of Tolosa, a quaint little town 20km from San Sebastian, nestled in between a valley and the river Oria, and next by Uzturre, a local mountain. In this small town, you’ll find steak but not just any ordinary steak. Here is Casa Nicolas, a mystical place, it is all about family and tradition and they mean real meat business. I felt sad, we only had steak once on this trip at Casa Nicolas, we did try to get back but the hail, water, and rain prevented and restricted our travels. It never stopped raining and all we could do was eat and drink to stay out of the rain.