Garaiko Landetxea

Just try to pronounce it and good luck, but if you need the world’s best hospitality you’ll need to meet Jasone who owns and runs and she is a wonder-women.

So you arrive and it’s almost in the middle of no-where unless you are traveling here for a reason like us. The hotel, if you can call it a hotel, is quaint not particularly quiet especially if you get old folks singing in their rooms or falling asleep with their TV on all night.

But Jasone makes up for it, her breakfast and farm eggs non-genetic and are lacy perfect. The bread with fresh tomatoes and some Spanish olive oil made it seem like a feast, and it was.

And her homemade Chorizo is excellent, no chemicals, no garlic and as pure as it gets. She makes 3,000 sausages from 3 pigs and uses a local pimento soaked in water and the skins are removed and voila, chorizo supreme. – it doesn’t get better and she will share.

But the rain makes it. seems like hell, and luckily we saw some sun the next day on our way to the airport, it. was rare that week, so the sun never shinned.

The town if its a town has a few places to enjoy a drink or a bite to eat but ion Sunday it is slim pickings despite the locals finding their way to the bar, and her genuine smile makes a diference.


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