Seasonal Sushi @ T. Tokyo

Each day that passes I dream of sushi in Tokyo, and Mr. T’s sushi is unlike any other sushi I’ve tasted, and for a good reason. First of all, small amounts of rice make a huge difference when it comes to sushi, and the size of the fish is key to finding the right proportions. If the sushi fish itself is large, it becomes unpleasant but the availability of small fish is slim in the market.

When it comes to sushi aficionados the focus is; rice, fish, fish-cut, nakiri and the chefs skill to take fingers of rice, twist and turn it into fish magic. But not just any fish, Edomae sushi is a term used to describe the sushi’s origin, the terroir of the fish we enjoy here, and it must be from the local Japanese seas. So if you encounter ama-ebi and others similar with the exception of uni, which comes from Hokkaido, all other the fish are off the shores of the eastern Japanese coast.

Chu-Toro: pink and red, non-fatty cut from a 5kg block and there are topside cuts and bottom-belly cuts so the fish fattiness varies:

Kohada: This is a silverfish, it shimmers and is prepared with salt & vinegar.

Akagai: it is a red claim and you can see the knife cut on the abductor’s muscle. The freshness is obvious when you see the intensity and tension of the clam’s surface.