Okura Hotel 2020

Once is enough, I am sad to say the hotel Okura has been re-built with very little soul. The lobby facsimile, they maintained the clock, but the hotel didn’t have the bustle at the door like it used to, but the doormen are perhaps the best staff at Okura.

We did stay one-night and discovered the hotel is divided into two properties; Heritage and the main Okura hotel high-rise tower, the lower-end brand, but don’t expect much.

The style of the Heritage is very pretty, oak floors and contemporary walls, and the room amenities have good standards, however, the Heritage hotel lobby is bizarre and you have the impression it is a retirement home. The decoration is often tacky and the to-be hotel manager was changed before the hotel opened, probably a bad move.

The food and beverage is a serious disappointment and if you had in mind to eat Tokalin room service, only in the tower, not in Heritage. So, food and beverage are divided between the two properties, and the menu and breakfast is similar to Holiday Inn in Texas.

Then the bar, there is the starlight, and the Orchid bar, both are hideous. We wouldn’t recommend it even if the museum is beautifully appointed at night, perhaps the best detail of the new hotel, the rest seems cheap.


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