Pizza Anyone @ Savoy

At one stage I considered seriously to open a Pizzeria in Tokyo, and this was almost 8 years ago, but after I ran the numbers with the ex-chef of pizza Savoy I just couldn’t see how it would be worthwhile unless the rent was very inexpensive and in that case a secondary location, and little chance to succeed.

It has been a while since I ventured out for a piping hot pizza and last night after some inspiring thoughts on Japanese pizza after I went to Savoy. For those who are unfamiliar with the pizza scene in Tokyo, there are definitely more than 500 pizza restaurants mostly with wood-burning ovens. But out of this basket, few are worthy of a visit, and for those who adore pizza it isn’t just about the pizza is it? No is the right answer because it’s not all in the dough.

The dough is a given and the rest is left up to the pizzaiolo, the ultimate talent of any well trained Japanese, each with their own ability and training. Many pizzaiolos slap Neapolitan pizza flipping it from hand to hand, a technique used to enlarge the dough. But at Savoy, this pizzaiolo uses a gentle technique of stretching and pulling, less slapping, and he has full and absolute control, I admire his control and his anticipation of how it cooks the crust.