Bio Weapons?

As the crisis grows I begin to think about Bioweapons, a reality check, and what it means.

I have been watching Covid-19 carefully and warning my colleagues since Wuhan’s early moments, the idea of mass spreading, and the financial consequences will be immense. That’s the bad news, and the good news we will all get it, and most won’t know it, many will recover and the rest will be an unfortunate statistic. It is the course of human attrition something we’ve seen in history, and after all, history repeats itself.

The start of the virus in a wet market is unbelievable! Really, so you want me to believe after these years the Chinese and many Eastern Asians Nations eating civets, rats, snakes, monkeys, insects, dogs, etc., a virus just shows up.

I said it before it was spread with intent and the first spread began after a Hong Kong man believed to be the source boarded the cruise ship in Yokohama, Japan, on 20 January, and disembarked in Hong Kong on 25 January leaving the ship to travel to Yokohama. Coincidence, he was only later found to have tested positive for the virus 🤔🤔🤔after his departure.

That was the start of the virus becoming international news and the Japanese were confronted with a situation they couldn’t quite figure out to manage. That is in a way very Japanese, and politeness and incompetence often go hand-in-hand. The crew did not know how to manage it, and the passengers were quarantined in their rooms for some part of the day, yet many socialized in gatherings (dinning) and the virus slowly but surely spread. The beginning was now going to be global.

I am not the type to believe in conspiracy theories, I detest them, I find them counterproductive, but I am fed up. The outcome will only benefit China in the longterm and cripple America and the global economy and who cares?

We do, and the difference is Chinese can sustain themselves on rice and in the west we have no real universal staple, except fast foods: McDonald’s, KFC, etc. So, what does that tell you? 37% of Americans eat it on any given day but that is only half the problem; obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and now coronavirus.

Never forget China is communist and they can starve their people, make them conform and place any kind and every kind of control over their population. In the west, such a virus can cause anarchy and devastation.

Maybe someone was so fed up with animal cruelty they dropped the virus into the market, or the government decided its time to make Trump fall flat on his face 🤔Trump is after all his own worst enemy. I won’t get into a political debate, for some Trump has proved to be a force of American power, and for others the simple demise of the Freeworld. I believe both, but at the end of the day, we will never quite know whether or not Trump pushed too hard too fast, and left the greatest communist interdependent power on our planet to make him eat his own prophecy.

Now before you go further think of the reality check and I know Henrik it seems too late, and it is hard to fathom, but its time each country starts to look at their own resources and how to effectively use them. We must become independent of one another.

Certainly, many European countries such as Italy have to confront the importance of revamping their entire economic system, take a step back and see how to revitalize a new domestic economy. It is this kind of crisis where we have to take a hard look at European unions, and we could even buy into Brexit, and that is scary.

If we see Switzerland, a small country in comparison, it has a stable economy and a good balance sheet. But it too is moving further away from Swiss tradition, local economy and globalization have led us to be more interdependent on the global economies and overseas production. Think about it: almost all goods manufactured are made in China. China produces about 80% of the world’s air-conditioners, 70% of its mobile phones and 60% of its shoes.

Each country should start to consider the importance of their independence of China, and while China provides cheap goods, it remains the mecca of mass production. Consumers must consume less, and be more supportive of local domestic products, and try to develop small businesses that are sustainable with more stimulus offered and incentives for start-ups.

But it doesn’t matter right now or does it? Yes, it does and no it doesn’t because the economies are in deep shit right now, and believe it or not coronavirus is not a new thing but for most of us, it all came to light in December 2019.

Coronavirus has been studied for almost 60 years: The history of human coronaviruses began in 1965 when Tyrrell and Bynoe found that they could passage a virus named B814. It was found in human embryonic tracheal organ cultures obtained from the respiratory tract of an adult with a common cold.

The presence of an infectious agent was demonstrated by inoculating the medium from these cultures intranasally in human volunteers; colds were produced in a significant proportion of subjects, but Tyrrell and Bynoe were unable to grow the agent in tissue culture at that time. At about the same time, Hamre and Procknow were able to grow a virus with unusual properties in tissue culture from samples obtained from medical students with colds. Both B814 and Hamre’s virus, which she called 229E, were ether-sensitive and therefore presumably required a lipid-containing coat for infectivity, but these 2 viruses were not related to any known myxo- or paramyxoviruses. While working in the laboratory of Robert Chanock at the National Institutes of Health, McIntosh et al reported the recovery of multiple strains of ether-sensitive agents from the human respiratory tract by using a technique similar to that of Tyrrell and Bynoe. These viruses were termed “OC” to designate that they were grown in organ cultures.

Within the same time frame, Almeida and Tyrrell performed electron microscopy on fluids from organ cultures infected with B814 and found particles that resembled the infectious bronchitis virus of chickens. The particles were medium-sized (80–150 nm), pleomorphic, membrane-coated, and covered with widely spaced club-shaped surface projections. The 229E agent identified by Hamre and Procknow and the previous OC viruses identified by McIntosh et al3 had similar morphology.

source: internet pediatric infectious disease control

As you may or may not know and it isn’t coincidental, or is it Wuhans virology lab of significance? One prominent rumor is that it first escaped from a lab in Wuhan studying bat coronaviruses and then spread to the public. This theory has also evolved into claims that the virus was genetically engineered to be a bioweapon. But scientists say that while there’s not enough information to pinpoint where the virus came from, there is no evidence that it was created in a lab.

At this stage it doesn’t matter: China is under-recovery and has proven Asia’s approach and their superiority in curbing the spread of disease works, or does it? Time will tell, and the next test is once we begin to open borders, how will the general public be effected, and does it mean a new normal, or we go back to where we started, isolation?

Facing the immediate concerns of spread in America and Europe they are starting a firm lockdown, and almost every country is hellishly nervous. So, why are they so nervous anyway? I guess two reasons: the fatality rate and how it will affect the healthcare facilities and the outcome is political-economical.

But, a little too little a little too late, and the key to Covid-19 is a reality check, and the sooner we come to terms with the fact we are all susceptible and we will, for the most part, all enter a phase of contraction, and whatever we try to do, we cannot isolate the flu, it is living and what our principal focus must be is to examine how we can fight it, protect ourselves and stay mentally stable, otherwise the stress of the situation will compromise our immune systems. So, you must be cognizant of how to maintain a good level of vitamin D, C, and Zincs. And be wary of: Oscillococcinum or Oscillo is a homeopathic preparation fraudulently marketed to relieve flu-like symptoms. It does not provide any benefit beyond that of sugar pills. It is a popular preparation, particularly in France and Russia.

In my non-professional view, I see the fact we cannot stop the spread but we can control the relative comparison between the spread rate and the recovery rates. This is critical to understand because the main issue is the spread rate and if it is spiking and we are testing hospitals and healthcare workers will become exhausted and it will be pandemonium.

The facts we must grasp in order to embrace the virus and put a stop to its deadly effects are it is:

Asymptomatic: This means we cannot detect it early enough so we cannot stop it from spreading because we cannot detect it early enough.

Isolation: we cannot isolate people for extended periods, it is only so effective. Isolation is effective up and until a breaking point, and either people start to get sick from being isolated given most spaces are small in most major cities, and people can only tolerate isolation for so long.

Spreading: the idea of spreading is only as relevant as how we approach combating the spread of flu. This exponential curve has experts worried, and if the number of cases was to continue to double every three days, there would be about a hundred million cases in the United States by the summer.

This is a very good example of the importance of social distancing:

This model simulates spreads in a town of 200 people, and we will start everyone in town at a random position, moving at a random angle, and we will make one person sick.

Notice how the slope of the red curve, which represents the number of sick people, rises rapidly as the disease spreads and then tapers off as people recover.

When it comes to the real covid-19, we would prefer to slow the spread of the virus before it infects a large portion of the U.S. population. To slow simulitis, let’s try to create a forced quarantine, such as the one the Chinese government imposed on Hubei province, covid-19’s ground zero.

As health experts would expect, it proved impossible to completely seal off the sick population from the healthy.

Fortunately, there are other ways to slow an outbreak. Above all, health officials have encouraged people to avoid public gatherings, to stay home more often and to keep their distance from others. If people are less mobile and interact with each other less, the virus has fewer opportunities to spread.

Some people will still go out. Maybe they cannot stay at home because of their work or other obligations, or maybe they simply refuse to heed public health warnings. Those people are not only more likely to get sick themselves, they are more likely to spread simulitis, too.

Let’s see what happens when a quarter of our population continues to move around while the other three quarters adopt a strategy of what health experts call “social distancing.”

In one crucial respect, though, these simulations are nothing like reality: Unlike simulitis, covid-19 can kill. Though the fatality rate is not precisely known, it is clear that the elderly members of our community are most at risk of dying from covid-19.

The reality of the spread is key and so think it through and consider if we over test if there is such a thing, or if we leave it as Trump did to creep up and we all face a mass spread by denying reality. I can say Trump is part of the demise of our modern-day society and it teaches us one important social lesson; bullies can only win short term.