There are so many ways we BBQ, and recently I had a chat with a friend about the effective infrared rays but can we design our lives around science? I would say so but you cannot underestimate the human factor and the other aspects such as the size of the fire, the food’s shape, brining, salting or flipping.

Now for the best BBQ, it costs $17, it is simple as 1-2-3, take it from the box and add the legs. Then the firestarter incredible and simple it ignites in a flash and the charcoal is Japanese bincho-tan.

This seriously works and the heat is intense and you can grill with accuracy and proficiency, more than you would expect. The ash is grey yet the red embers are shooting strong rays of light. Instantly and much quicker than you would expect the foods are colored and charred.

Voila one way to stop thinking about Covid-19 and always have a fire extinguisher nearby but not too close just in case the BBQ explodes.

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