China Life-Preserver

Does China save Europe? We need to begin to have a plan for what’s inevitable ~ failed business and rising unemployment. The idea of throwing trillions is a step in the right direction but more importantly, we need to mentally manage the next 6-months.

We cannot expect the system to go back to normal if there is a normal and each and every country has a different curve. So we divide the globe between Asia, Europe, and the Americas and we know Asia and especially China took a hardline. They seem to be out of the mess and rather quickly and I have said before never underestimate the power of Asians especially Chinese.

They are all over the globe and they are strategic while Trump uses force to arm wrestle China, they use the back door to fuck him. America had better get rid of Trump, and soon or face som global hardships. Trump cannot manage any crisis, a man of too many of the same words and lots of hot-air. He has the insight of a fly and he lives in his demented world of false hope. I am frightful of how he can take a country with such importance and diminish it into a Brooklyn school yard fight. America is doomed and no one can really understand what will happen with 5G an important tool coming soon yet over-shadowed enough to give the Chinese the edge.

I am startled by how many countries at the beginning of April many countries didn’t believe what the wave would be tidal. So many said, “its only flu” and it is only Flu, but this flu strain has the power to debilitate many who become infected.

I see the next months a real mess and the principal focus should be saving lives and supporting each other. Each country should have a task force and in Europe, they need one task force otherwise only the strong will be standing and countries will beyond repair. We need to help Italy and now it otherwise we won’t have much left.

Think about European tourism the ‘travel and tourism’ sector directly contributed 3.9% to EU GDP and accounted for 5.1% of the total labour force which equates to some 12 million jobs. If we lose the summer and travellers stay home or do not have the confidence to travel what will happen? That is a sledgehammer of an economical travesty.

Here are some facts: half of the world’s outbound tourism is generated from Europe. Residents of the European Union took over one billion trips, and this accounts for only 50% of the world’s tourist arrivals and 37% of global tourism receipts, it is the most visited region in the world.  

And right now Spain and Italy are in a recession and so as Europe falls into a state of higher unemployment and no real return to the status quo, it is a blood bath. I doubt tourism gets back to normal this next season and the consequences are grave.

We cannot let this happen, we need to send a clear and loud message to the European Union and they need to move fast. Next will be France and the rest of Europe including Greece who will tumble on their knees.

These economies are so small in comparison to the major players and their GDP relative to their debts is not promising. Imagine rising debt and lower consumer spending as GDP suffers. This is the most significant issue and so what happens when China starts to offer relief, buying up businesses?

China throws Europe a life-preserver and do they take it? Probably as they have the power and the ability to re-surface in Europe and take control of key resources and companies.

Trump isolates the Chinese during this crisis and made them feel as if they are dirty. Think whatever you like but keep all racist views to yourself and never forget Chinese are 2-Billion and they are all under a single thumb, unlike the USA which runs like a Banana Republic at the moment. It is an embarrassment to Americans and they are like pigs rolling in their own shit. one day when they least expect it they will pay big time for their nationist views and antagonist style.

Remember Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) in the European Union (EU) has increased by almost 50 times in only eight years from less than $840 million in 2008 to a record high of €50 billion euro in 2019. China’s interests in Europe are manifold from access to new technologies, high-tech assets, and knowledge, to broader commercial access into the European market and entrance to third markets.

The USA is taking sides with England and they are sliding into a pile of cement with heavy shoes. The UK is hardly a place I would say has much of a chance with Brexit and the future of their leadership. Boris has coronavirus and Prince Charles and so let’s see how that plays out.

In the meantime, while America is sliding into Corona crisis mode, total Chinese investment in Europe, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and green-field investments, now amounts to $348 billion , and China has acquired more than 350 European companies over the past 10 years.

In 2015, China’s acquisition of Pirelli made Italy the top destination of Chinese FDI in Europe, giving China access to one of the most important car tire manufacturers globally and an entry into the replacement market — a segment, until recently, dominated by the major European and Japanese brands.

In Greece, the Chinese state-owned enterprise giant COSCO Holdings Company has acquired a 67 percent stake in the port of Piraeus, Europe’s largest passenger port. With Piraeus now considered China’s “gateway into Europe,” shipping times for Chinese goods have been shortened by one week.

When it comes to the per capita inflows of investment in Europe, Portugal has become the key recipient of Chinese investments, with inflows of nearly 9 billion euros. 

Never underestimate the stupidity of Trump, he is ababoonist, no real global perspective, limited vision except to Make America Great Again by thinking he can bully superpowers 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 but I am very doubtful. Trump controls one thing – his suntan and his ego.

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