Corona’s Inanimate Surfaces

Now sit down and digest this: as we know Coronvirus is virtually living in all environments on Earth. I was in Melbourne and walked into a coffee shop and ordered two lattes. The cashier picked up the cup, and she grabbed at the top handing it to her colleague who was arms-reach away working at the coffee machine. I told her, “hey wait a minute you just touched the cup where I put my lips” and I said “please change it and be more careful” – she was furious and changed the cup, but was rude about it.

Corona does it live on surfaces and I guess so, be it fully proven or not, the question is for how long? This is not a joke, and if you see the table below you begin to understand how important it is to maintain disinfectant at all times and what comes to mind is how we can avoid transmitting it on surfaces.

But hold on, WHO organization says it is safe to receive packages, and is it? It all depends on what we find out about the corona and how it lives or penetrates or finds refuge on surfaces; wood, steel, plastic, rubber, cardboard, etc.

I hate to say it but WHO is not full proof and at one stage they were saying the likelihood of passing Covid-19 from person to person was not a threat – oops🙈wrong

Restaurants, think about it, if people are coughing sniffles and sneezes of virus particles, and gloves are used and they are touching their face, you can have a relatively safe lunch or dinner?

I cannot see how people can regain full confidence in how we are served and how do restaurants protect their customers? I see many changes to follow and in particular maintaining neutral free zones – I will post on this later.

Just see Haemophilus influenzae, a gram-negative bacteria found everywhere it lived for 12 days and that is scary as hell, so be cautious yet live your life, only a small % of those infected will become a statistic.

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