Lockdown Japan is more like “please stay home” but you can still travel by train and you can still go to restaurants.

A political poised affair to give people the impression there is actually serious action being taken. So where are the people? Ah, they are now at home, travel is limited yet not restricted as in most other countries.

The station seems really empty, trains are empty and shops are one by one closing under the political shame of staying open.

It is true Japanese are slow to the start, but once they are given clear direction everyone takes the initiative. They have a social conscience and the government has a voice people follow. Some criticize the Japanese calling them robots because they are orderly and obedient. At the same time, they are very steady, homogeneous and their system prevails better than most other places. The race is not always to be swift but in corona’s case, it can help.

The truth of the matter is limited testing means limited results but as I have said many times the testing needed to be done at the beginning and not in the middle.

It is quite impossible to measure the Japanese audience which is massive but it may come down to that if selected areas start to become hazardous and fatalities rise dramatically.

Until now we haven’t really had any serious levels and if people are sick they can stay at home, or if they feel they need they can go to the hospital, or call the corona Hotline, or visit the local doctor or clinic and for the most part it is pretty well organized here.

Japanese are fundamentally different and never underestimate their speed, a hare runs fast but a tortoise can still win.

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