Gay Odin

A rare visit to Naples to see how our favourite chocolate maker Gay Odin. And for those of you who adore chocolate this is traditionally made and is very different to other mass produced chocolate.

Chocolate is science and is made up of tiny particles and crystals which range in diameter from 0.01 mm to 0.1 mm. These particles govern how the chocolate is perceived, the texture of the chocolate is very important and the way you perceive the texture is a result of how the chocolate melts and breaks up in the mouth.

The key ingredient of chocolate is cocoa butter a fat and it has at least six different crystal forms. The texture and taste depends on how the crystals are arranged, and different arrangements lead to different strength, glossiness and texture.

The ability of a substance to take on many different crystal forms is called polymorphism (many shapes) and these details complex. In fact, it is known that one of the six polymorphs has a far superior taste and texture compared to the others and processing is key to obtain the right finished product.

The conching or agitating the paste evenly distributes cocoa butter within chocolate and acts as a “polisher” of the particles. It also promotes flavor development through frictional heat, release of volatiles and acids, and oxidation.

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