Covid Second Wave

There a lot of speculation about Covid’s second wave but it is already here, so obvious, yet unspoken. Just use Japan as the example: from the beginning testing was selective and it took months for the officials to react. Now and all of a sudden, the same officials are asking people to stay home.

This is our second wave? No, it looks like a second wave because too little was done to suppress the spread and too few tests. At the same time, Japanese have low fatalities and that is very different to Italy or the United Kingdom.

The only second wave I consider credible is if Italy would have unexpected increased out of control spreading. The numbers in Italy show a decline but it is still not contained and it teeters and totters. If they let up too early, they could have a meaningful second wave and they know it. South Korea already see those who suffered from Covid are not immune.

The problem in Italy is the healthcare system cannot cope with real crisis and hospitals are not well equipped to ventilate elderly, so they are turned people away to die. That is quite incredible in a modern economy and third largest in Europe.

When I heard Sergio Rossi passed away I was saddened and not more than Shimura san, but Sergio Rossi was an icon globally for anyone who wears men or women shoes. When I think about Italy, I have an immediate headache, more than 14,500 people have died of Covid-19 in Italy, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

Looking back, we could not suppress the spread quite soon enough to make it go away. London under Boris Johnson failed from the outset to accept the fate of Covid until he too succumb to the virus.

Covid is still there and I divide into various chapters: the actual virus itself; asymptomatic or not. Chapter two the wide spread appeal of Covid, and chapter three those mostly at risk, the elderly, or those who have a compromised immune system. The final chapter is obvious; testing and curing and surely testing is key at this stage.

The cure is another matter and it will take some more time. That doesn’t mean having on hand certain drugs such as Zithromax known as azithromycin is silly, on the contrary.

The second wave and what does it mean: well actually the key to Covid is the new test, a reliable version and hopefully we will have it soon. There isn’t much anyone can do in terms of ventilators because these machines need qualified staff to sedate patients and monitor them. You have to figure that there are no country is ready for a pandemic. That means, they cannot and will not be able to cope with the rising numbers, unless the curve is controlled. The curve is and has been key from the outset, admitting you have a problem and getting it under control. In a perfect world hindsight is 20-20 but we do pay tens of millions to experts at WHO, and they should step it up.

From the outset some governments tried to suppress it, accidentally or not it they started with schools and public events and it was this kind of suppression to help healthcare workers. The chance to breath and get prepared did not happen quickly enough.

Now the test will help because without it we cannot know where we should start in managing the so-called second wave, really the same wave. Forget the spread, it happens but if we do not test and not just test but efficiently test, we won’t be able to move on trains or planes. If the test is affordable and it must be, we will test people the same way we do when we breathalyze.

The quick test will provide us with some sense of security and testing or retesting should make it possible for immediate travel. The same way a dog travels with papers we will travel through airports and require government certified testing. Once we have that, we can begin to resume our lives. And anyone in hospitality must be tested or the spread will not stop. And sadly we will learn to live with deadly viruses and that is part of life, Covid takes no enemies.

The irony is, quick fix testing means more and more positives resulting is rising numbers. It is a joke when you think about how one country tests thousands and another hundreds. If we do not have and use similar standards we will not be able to manage this crisis, and hopefully the test is almost here – fingers crossed.

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