Corona UV

The reality is Corona is planning to be with us and sadly I cannot see an end soon on the horizon. When I think about a friend saying, “I hope it’s not the Chinese who develop the cure” it is not a laughing matter. Gilead and the Chinese counterparts are wrestling over drug patents, so is the cure at the fingertips of modern-day science?

We are all well obsessed over the corona, I spend most of my day spazzing about how we all get out of this mess. Too pessimistic about the outcome, we eventually accept this deadly virus. When I look at the global statistics, I fear the life we once had will be far away from normal we once took for granted.

I fear the facts were are mostly chasing our tails with lockdowns because once they are over, the innocent will return to everyday life as if things are normal, when they are not.

I am not sure we can turn the clock’s back until we confront Corona head-on, curious meds, cures, and vaccines are on the agenda of every government. It seems far away from reality and how long can we wait as governments throw more and more at bailouts. I fear the unemployment rates will rise rapidly, tough to combat as signs of despression set in.

I fear the European cities, mostly with small spaces I ask myself how do these restaurants re-open. Restaurants throughout Europe in most major cities are very small by nature, the physical spaces in old buildings are squeezed and cozy with many tables. Atmosphere lights up as waiters move past tables in black jackets, white table cloths are perfect, and shiny dishes are repelaced immediately by new ones.

The past murmurs my soul, but now restaurants will not be able to accommodate their normal business obliged to cut back on staff and service.

Once upon a time, the Trattoria serving comfort food becomes just another restaurant separated by plexiglass shields between tables. But will this help and what will it do for the eventual outcome of the contagious virus spreading?

Plexiglass or new glass shields could be mandatory to stop particles from disseminating easily between guests. Sanitizing spray and disinfecting surfaces in order to maintain hygiene standards will be key to survival. So what about the dishwashing and sanitization of glasses and other tableware – the million-dollar question!

Some would say we need quick sanitization and UV lamps for sterilization with low-pressure mercury-vapor lamps. These are the kinds of solutions giving the ultimate protection to clients. But restaurants will not be so cozy anymore – more like hygienic food labs. Yes, cabinets to sterilize will be the new norm when some would say I am going too far but I am not.

The new normal means protecting clients, not just serving them with black jackets, maybe fancy lab coats, or clients will not be comfortable. I am not joking, jackets will need to be made from materials that are correct in such circumstances and are changed frequently i.e. disposable.

It will take confidence and re-training those part-time workers in the hospitality industry to accept the change, and ensure protocols put in place by owners are maintained. The key to the spread is based on droplets, hands sanitization, and inanimate surfaces.

I am afraid to say, washing hands is not enough. The implementation of UV lights will likely help. If ultraviolet (UV) light destroys the molecular bonds that hold together the DNA of viruses and bacteria it will become a standard.

Ultraviolet (UV) light destroys the molecular bonds that hold together the DNA of viruses and bacteria. UV light is a particularly good option for sanitation because it kills bacteria regardless of drug resistance and without toxic chemicals. At-home methods of UV sanitation have been proven highly effective against pathogens and come in a variety of forms including portable wands, etc. 

Hospitals have embraced ultraviolet (UV)  lights as a cleaning tool for years, using large, industrial-grade machines to decontaminate rooms. Now, smaller versions of UV sanitation lights are available to consumers looking to clean pretty much anything, from phones to toilet seats.

I am hopeful we can forget Corona at some point and time in the near future we need to find ways to take on our obsessions with viruses. And until the next virus, we should ask ourselves what is the new norm we should all expect.

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