Covid Clades Dumbfounded

We all want answers, so many facts to digest, unproven speculation is confusing for the most part.

I read recently France Coronavirus outbreak in France did not come directly from China, gene-tracing scientists claimed. It was not caused by cases imported from China, but from a locally circulating strain of unknown origin, according to a new study by French scientists at the Institut Pasteur in Paris. Genetic analysis showed that the dominant types of the viral strains in France belonged to a clade or group with a common ancestor, that did not come from China or Italy, the earliest hotspot in Europe. The Pasteur institute collected samples from more than 90 other patients across France and found the strains all came from one genetic line. Strains following this unique path of evolution had so far only been detected in Europe and the Americas.

Logically speaking we need to ask ourselves when did it start, where did it start, how did it start, and how and when will we challenge ourselves into controlling Corona while recognizing that it is here to stay. We can answer only one of those questions with some degree of certainty because no one really knows when it started or how it started, but we know one thing for sure, it’s here to stay for the meantime and we have to do our best define ways to manage our health and security and at the same time procure our economy and permit people a certain amount of freedom.

I believe staying home and isolating yourself is one way of managing Coronavirus but suppressing spread is only part of the game. We need to ask ourselves can our immune systems be maintained properly if we quarantine ourselves and rarely go out? I guess our immunity doesn’t change so much if it is compromised, but stress and depression or the feeling of helplessness aren’t helping build immunity. The medical industry has come to appreciate the closely linked relationship of mind and body.

That’s why the staging of phases in order to permit people to integrate back into regular society is very important and we all assume the risk of a second wave. But the second wave will never be quite the same as what we experienced, not even close because in the beginning we were not convinced by the severity of the potential.

And we seem to be making a full circle but the only difference now is most people are questioning process and asking whether isolating ourselves is going to reach a point and time where we confront corona face on. I believe that we need to get back to getting outside in testing the systems that we consider to be the new norm, and we all need to accept the consequences of customers and economic consequences. It all boils down to hoping corona is going to be solved in the next 12 months or are the government fooling us by giving us false hopes?

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