Two Kings & Venice

The two knighted kings in Venice serving the finest you’ll find; Arturo from Vini da Arturo, (on the left) who works with Hani his faithful and longstanding maitre d, and desert man, sided by the sumptuous Giovanni from Da Ivo (on the right) lead by Luciano and Marcella in the kitchen with Rashid the maitre d managing clients with his muscles and charm.

Opposites attract, one has a Venetian style Tuscan restaurant serving T-bone, truffles, fish from the lagoon, moeche and lots more, and a focus on the rich and famous, while the other Arturo serves no fish at all, focuses on the incredible pork cutlet made in sour and eggplant, mixed with traditional pasta and homemade salads, and he too serves the rich and famous.

I love these two characters and without them Venice would be boring, at least when it comes to food.