1999 Scandal ~not for La Tache

What can you say about one of the world’s famous burgundies when it lets you down.

The 1999 has a great reputation but now consider the 1999 scandal which I doubt it would happen but scandal is part of a wine makers life. Even some top producers in the 1970’s used Algerian wines for pumping-plumping up some vintages and I heard this from one of Burgundy’s top winemakers, and in their archives they had proof of purchase.

In 1999 there was scandal didn’t touch DRC but at least three minor bottlers in Burgundy were been caught at the oldest trick in the book, labelling ordinary wine as something infinitely superior. The difference this time round is that the Burgundian authorities seemed keen to publicise it rather than try to hush it up. To some observers though, Burgundy’s reputation has, once again, been tarnished.

This 1999 La Tache was just flat, without much vibrance or characteristics you could say are La Tache, I was stunned when I first tasted it. But then again, it was just travelled by plane in the hold, and was tasted in a salty place near the sea. The timing at night and the fact that anyone opening a La Tache expects greatness would feel let down by this wine. No doubt burgundy wines of this caliber should at least leave you with some lasting memories ~ c’est la vie.

However consider some critics and wine makers maintain the wines had gone through a sullen period or two since bottling and so this could just be an in-between phase, but who knows but in my view it was strangest La Tache I have tried ~ direct from an authorized dealer and from his archives.

PS: I didn’t see the cork in the bottle but I was told it had some miniscule seepage.

(no score this time – sorry)