1976 Doisy Daëne Double (?)

The worlds greatest sommelier is my wife, and this time I hear her saying, “come see this you won’t believe it”.

I turn around and low and behold she has a made a good observation, a double capsule. That makes you winder and I smelled the capsule at it had a aspergillus moldy smell something I am use to: https://mesubim.com/2013/11/08/aflatoxin-aspergillus-toxins/ and wherever I smell it, I freak out and see why: https://mesubim.com/2012/11/19/odor-in-the-air/

The first capsule is fake and the capsule underneath is the correct capsule and the cork did not smell and the wine was glorious and the condition was perfect and it was not re-corked.

(99 Points)