Tonno Alici di Menaica

The world of tuna is so blurred and what do we expect?

We expect sustainability and workmanship with which we respect and when it comes to fishing and preserving – the key is the philosophy.

Anchovies from Menaica are fished on days of calm sea, between April and July; the fishermen go out at sunset and spread the net out to sea blocking their passage at night.

The peculiarity of this technique is the net, which is called “MENAICA”. It selects only the largest anchovies which, nervous and wriggling, become agitated and quickly lose most of their blood.

The fishermen withdraw the net by hand on the surface and extract the fish one by one, cleaning them directly of the entrails and the head, and placing them in boxes.

No refrigerant or ice is used for shore transportation. The anchovies are immediately processed, first by washing them in brine, and then placed in traditional terracotta jars, alternated with layers of artisanal Trapani sea salt.

The aging takes place in the so-called magazzeni, cool and humid rooms, and lasts at least three months.

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