Olivetti Scarpa

It is often too late to realize what change really means living in the age of the Digerati. The very speed of our computers and processors are judged on their individual ability to deliver the quickest and most reliable results.

We all learn to depend on excessive speed, yet we often fail to see the beauty and importance of our culture, as if it gets smothered by the digital world. It is true the generations ahead will all be more virtual andsome places animation reflects our rela and true feelings.. The perception of beauty is all a matter of how we learn, what we see and what is means. The kimono has almost vanished, once the symbol of Japanese elegance and beauty as we move into a new era.

Carlo Scarpa Olivetti in Venice is a simple space designed by one of my favorite Italian architects. Scarpa influenced materials, landscape, and architecture in Europe, and helped shape modern Venetian culture.

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