63°C Breast

Chicken supreme and not French Supreme: I can say cooking chicken breasts is as easy as brushing your teeth if you have the technique. I take the chicken and brine it in salty water for 30-minutes with a 3°C water and 10-15% salt, I take the salt and diluted it in water and then when ready I rest the chicken in the brine.

Once ready I place into sous vide and cook it at 63°C and after 25 minutes it is as juicy as you;ll ever get when it comes to the breast. You can color it after in a pan but beware the heat creates tension and the surface if exposed to high heats with tear the tissue and it gets tough.

The same goes for meat if its conductive heat as compared with infrared light. This chicken I breaded and peppered using flour and egg, a classic way to get a quick fry. And by the way frying a breast with a coating will do the trick almost as well as sous vide but it is more tricky.

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