Allegra Hatecke

Can you find nicer people in Switzerland in the city of Zürich, a warm welcome “Allegra” Ludwig or his son David sound out when guests arrive – they are consummate hard working dedicated meat professionals, and yes they serve cheese too.

The Hatecke family are from Graubunden, and they speak Romansh, 1,500 years or more it was established as a local dialtec. The language is based on the so-called vulgar Latin, or “people’s Latin,” with influences from Etruscan, Celtic, and other languages spoken by early settlers in the mountain valleys of what are now the Grisons and Italy’s South Tirol. It was officially recognized as Switzerland’s fourth language on February 20, 1938, and was formalized as the written language of Rumauntsch in 1982. *source internet

But don’t worry about language because there is no language barrier here, as the staff rush slicing, chopping and serving the best you’ll find in Zürich, and it’s all about passionate clients, friends and family *Allegra = Greeting